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CTS Engineering - 26 Years

Mr. Brown, the principal of CTS Engineering, graduated from Penn
State in 1978 with his BSEE.  He started his career with Sperry
Microwave in Clearwater, FL where he designed ATE and
culminated with the winning bid of a Dual Mode Seeker for the
USAF. At James LInick & Associates from 1980 to 1987, he
designed Infra-Red Cameras, rising from engineer to general
manager.  With Ronald Van Oeveren  in 1987, he started Night
Vision Systems providing advanced electronics for the US DOD.

In 1988, he became an active partner in Computer Technical
Services, a company his wife started in 198
3.  There, he focused
on consulting for computers and network applications for real
estate, medical, construction and law firms in the Tampa Bay

Starting in 1989 by automating the design curve production and
stick tower estimating for Zurn Cooling Towers, he went on to
design the control logic for Aircooled Condensers.  At the same
time, he began supporting the City of Dunedin Water Plant for PLC
applications beginning with the Greensand Filters GE9030..

CTS Engineering was spun off In 1994 as an engineering
company.  That  same year, Mr. Brown earned his Novell Certified
Netware Engineer Certificate and he began consulting on larger

In 1999, he prepared Y2K certifications for BDT, City of Dunedin,
Advanco (LA) and a multitude of smaller companies.  At the same
time he began consulting for Zurn Advanco in Upland, CA..

In  2002, Mr. Brown became a Florida Certified Electrical
Contractor.  CTS Engineering's client list expanded to include
Hamon, GEA. and Balcke Gmbh.  Projects included Chinese,
Canadian and Mexican Power Plants.  

In 2006 GE Water (Ionics Aqua Design) of Tampa and Analytical
Services Inc, Culpepper, VA became clients and work stretched
across the US on Generator AST's upgrades and into the Bahamas
for new and renovated RO water treatment plants.

2007 CTSE saw work with 7 Seas Water.

2008 Sempra Energy San Diego contracted with CTSE.

2010 CTSE began working with Holtec.

2011 Oak Ridge National Laboratory contracted with CTSE for GE
9030 PLC reprogramming..

2012 Evapco Blct and Landmark ACC's  began
awarding  CTSE

2013 CTS Engineering began a long relationship with Henderson
Prestressed Concrete of Tarpon Springs, FL.

2014 CTSE w
as honored to begin working with SPiG S.P.A.  First
with the San Diego office on ACC's, then with the Arona, Italy office
for a Hybrid Cooling Tower.

2015 we added Holtec and Covanta to our client list.  

2017 GEA Dry Cooling became Enexia and we continued to work
for them.
Rapid Cooling Tower Replacement
1.5 MGD RO Water Plant
Design, Construction
Paradise Island, BA
ACC DCS Modifications
El Dorado, NV